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Revised Draft NZO Released

The City has released the Draft New Zoning Ordinance (NZO) for public review and comment. Go to the Documents page to review new materials. Open houses and Workshops are scheduled from February to May to allow for public review and comment. Refer to the Meetings page for more info!

May 29, 2019 Open Houses Flyer

City Council: Project Update and Adoption Process

On April 17, 2017, the City Council discussed a proposed schedule for adoption of the New Zoning Ordinance and provided a revised schedule for staff to follow.

Planning Commission "Page-Turn" Complete!

The Planning Commission has conducted a series of workshops during which they completed a "page-turn" review of the entire Public Review Draft Zoning Ordinance and Map. City staff is now considering all comments received on the Public Review Draft Zoning Ordinance and Map and will prepare a Public Hearing Draft, which will be considered at future public meetings. The Public Review Draft Zoning Ordinance, draft Zoning and Overlay district maps, and additional materials to facilitate review of the draft documents, as well as previous documents can be found on the Documents page of this website.

The City of Goleta's New Zoning Ordinance (NZO) project is a collaborative process that will revise citywide zoning regulations to implement the General Plan, update development and design standards and permitting procedures, and help realize the community's vision for the future – a safe, beautiful, vibrant and livable community with a robust local economy and a sustainable relationship with the environment.

The City has completed outreach activities on the Public Review Draft Zoning Ordinance (NZO) and Map. All comments received on the Public Review Draft were considered collectively. In consideration of public input and guided by the City's adopted General Plan, the Revised Draft NZO was released to the public on January 31, 2019. Release materials include:

Hard copies are available for viewing at Goleta City Hall (Planning Counter) and at the Goleta Library. Hard copies are also available for purchase at Goleta City Hall (Planning Counter).

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